SGAT organises Symposia, Seminars and Workshops related to mineral development of the state of Odisha in particular and the country as a whole every year.

With a view to arousing awareness for protection of environment, SGAT has been organising ENVIRONMENT CUM MINERAL AWARENESS PROGRAMME (EMAP) for students of High Schools in the in different Mining areas of the State. The winning teams from each of the mining areas participate in the State Level EMAP held during the month of January every year at Bhubaneswar.

For updating the students pursuing PG/ Degree courses in Geoscience, Mining, Metallurgy, Materials Science and Mineral Engineering about the latest developments in respective disciplines, SGAT has been organising MINERAL DEVELOPMENT AWARENESS AND QUIZ PROGRAMME on annual basis.

SGAT brought out the first ever comprehensive treatise on GEOLOGY & MINERAL RESOURCES OF ORISSA in 1995. The publication was revised and updated in 1998.  It was further updated in 2006. Efforts are on to bring out a revised and updated edition during 2019.

The Society awards scholarships to meritorious students pursuing studies in Geoscience, Mining & Metallurgical Engineering, Mineral Beneficiation, Mineral Development planning among others.

SGAT donates generously to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund whenever there is any natural disaster.

SGAT has effective interaction with both Central and State Government Authorities and its recommendations have been given due consideration in formulation of legislations governing grant of mineral concessions and environmental protection, mineral policy, development of infrastructural facilities, research projects, creation of educational facilities and institutions etc.

SGAT is represented in both Central Geological Programming Board (CGPB) and State Geological Programming Board (SGPB).

SGAT has submitted a Draft State Mineral Policy to the Department of Steel & Mines, Government of Odisha in January 2011.

SGAT has made a documentary film on Mining and Environment during 2012 with the support of EZMA, OMC, Tata Steel, Nalco, IREL, IMFA Group, SAIL, OCL India, EMIL, SARDA Mines among others. This film has been revised in 2016 with new data from stakeholders.

SGAT is represented in the committee set up by the Odisha State Government to frame a MINERAL Policy.

SGAT publishes a bi-annual journal (SGAT Bulletin).

On an assignment handed out by the State Government, SGAT has prepared a Vision Document for Mineral Development 2020 for Orissa.  The document was submitted to the State Government in May 2009.

With similar assignment form the State Government SGAT has prepared the Vision Document for Mineral Development 2030 for Steel & Mines Department, Govt. of Odisha, the final document of which has been submitted to the Director of Mines, Govt. of Odisha on 17 March 2018.

SGAT had made a presentation about the Status and Prospects of Mineral Development in Odisha at the 99th Indian Science Congress held at Bhubaneswar during January 2012.

SGAT had submitted a Memorandum to the Standing Committee of Lok Sabha on MMDR Bill 2011.